Raelene DundonRaelene is the Director of Okey Dokey Childhood Psychology, a large paediatric allied health clinic in Melbourne, Australia. She is a registered Psychologist and holds a Masters Degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology. Raelene has extensive experience working with children with developmental disabilities and their families, as well as typically developing children, providing educational, social/emotional and behavioural support.

Raelene has worked extensively in early childhood intervention settings, schools and private practice, and works with preschools and schools to provide individual student and staff support, as well as running social skills groups for students. She regularly presents workshops for parents and professionals on topics related to supporting children with special needs in the classroom and in other settings, and has recently presented on “Anxiety and Autism” at the IACAPAP conference in Prague, as well as presenting at previous conferences in New York, Edinburgh, Macau, Singapore, and across Australia.

Raelene is the author of the “Max and Barnaby” book series, which was created to support the development of skills in social interaction and emotional regulation in preschool and primary school aged children. Raelene is also the author of two books published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers titled “Talking to your child about their Autism Diagnosis – A parents guide” and “Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism Using Minecraft®: A Step by Step Guide”. Her latest book is due for release in November 2019 entitled “The Parents’ Guide to Managing Anxiety in Children with Autism”.